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Hi! I am Nick Alumbaugh!

I am a professional corporate photographer with a passion towards assisting companies  to produce media content they desire - for all of their marketing and promotional needs. 

With over 15 years of professional experience, I produce many types of media such as photos, film, and web-design, with a focus towards events, brands, products, business headshots, website media, etc.  Fortunately, my extensive work experience in each field has afforded myself the opportunity to develop a sense of both creativity and professionalism which I carry throughout all areas of my life. I brings to the profession of photography, a unique view of the world and a burning passion for my craft. 

What I take pride in the most is my ability to capture images with my own sense of style and uniqueness that allows myself to stand out from the rest. My love for creative expression has found no limits; and I lives by the motto: “live to create and create to live.”